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Membership Registration

Please read the Objectives of the Society and also go through the eligibility criteria for becoming a member. Please make use of the form on this page to apply for the membership. Once we receive your application, we will get back to you.



  • To study the impact of maternal, fetal and childhood factors on adult health and disease in India.To discover safe and effective ways of improving the health and growth of the fetus and young child to get the best possible ‘start in life’.
  • To actively promote improvements in maternal, fetal and childhood health and nutrition in India, for their own sake, as well as for the expected benefits on adult health.
  • To increase public and government understanding of the importance of maternal, fetal and childhood well-being.
  • To train and encourage young Indian doctors and scientists to enter this field of research, and to join the international exchange of knowledge at the highest level.
  • To raise funds to support further research, training and the public and scientific dissemination of knowledge.



Any person possessing medical/paramedical/science qualification registrable in India & working in areas of research pertaining to reproduction, maternal and child health, growth, and chronic adult diseases (suc (such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, coronary artery disease). Those with keen interest in carrying out research in this field will be considered for membership in SNEHA. The applicant for membership will need to submit along with an application, his/her curriculum vitae and also explain in detail the reasons for seeking membership in SNEHA.

Anyone with an adequate research potential in terms of motivation and knowledge of research methodology as well as availability of infrastructure and research conditions in the region, will be eligible for preliminary membership for 2 or 3 years. They will be offered permanent membership, upon reevaluation of their contributions in the field of SNEHA research, at the end of this period

The applicant will need to furnish particulars of future research projects which he/ she intends to undertake. The members will be selected by the nomination committee and accepted as members on ratification by the general body of SNEHA. The applicant shall abide by ethical principles of research and shall be willing to accept critical evaluation of the work by SNEHA. If found to have any breach on ethical or moral grounds, the membership may be cancelled by the general body.

Non-Indian researchers working in any of the ongoing projects in India may be offered Honorary Membership.


If you have read and agree with the Objectives of the Society & Eligibility Criteria, please fill up the adjoining form for applying to become a Member of the Society.