SNEHA is working with Devadasi and dalith families to increase their family income and thus to improve their quality of life. This is to prevent the children from these families entering exploitative situation through child labour, child marriage and dedication as Devadasi. Agriculture labour and labour work available in government works are the important livelihood source for Devadasi and dalith families. Self-help groups are formed with the membership of Devadasi women and dalith women.

TdH-NL Revolving Fund supported by Terre des Hommes-Netherlands is the very important source for the socio-economic development of Devadasi and dalith families. Self-help groups are necessary to overcome exploitation, create confidence for the economic self-reliance of Devadasi/dalith women who are mostly invisible in the social structure. These groups enable them to come together for common objective and gain strength from each other to deal with exploitation, which they are facing in several forms. Self-help group becomes the basis for action and change. SHGs enhance equality of status of Devadasi/dalith women as participation, decision-makers and beneficiaries in the democratic, economic, social and cultural spheres of life. SNEHA has supported 1,958 beneficiaries for economic development activities.